Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Still Got It

The other day, I was running through the park, regretting the two donuts I had inhaled but hours before. Not only that, but I had fought with my friend- she told me I was a cold-hearted bitch. Something about laughing hysterically when she accidentally hit a bird with her car on our way to breakfast. But really, I could see the beak sticking out from the radiator when we got out to inspect the damage- what did she want me to do, cry?

Anyway, my point is that I was feeling a bit down. I slowed down to a walk, and as I strolled through the park I ended up passing two homeless men lounging in the grass.

The first one whistled. “Yeah, baby, gimmie some of that!” His toothless mouth grinned disgustingly, his pants were soiled with urine.
“Fuck yeah, baby, you’s a hot piece of pussy!” the other one shouted, the one who had a small animal (dog? rat?) on a leash. He was missing both his right shoe and his right eye.
I stared at them, in shock, ready to shout something rude back- until I realized I was blushing.
“Come over here and give Daddy a kissy!” the urine-soaked one yelled.
I giggled, like a little schoolgirl, and felt flattered. I put my shoulders back and stuck my chest out a little bit, showing off.
The animal on the leash was gnawing at the cardboard box they were lying on, and now they were both making obscene gestures at me. Still giggling, I waved, and started running again, like I was floating on air. I still got it, I kept thinking to myself. I still got it!

Yes, I had been sexually harassed by two incredibly vile men, and yet- they were still men, weren’t they? They were still men!

Still grinning, I continued through the park, both my chest and spirits high.

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