Saturday, February 6, 2010

250 Million

I read somewhere that the chance of one single person existing from their parents is like, a one in 250 million chance. So if you're walking the earth right now, you are basically a lotto winner. It's enough to blow your mind, or, just feel like you screwed over 249,999 million siblings.

I contemplated this while on the couch, watching a Jersey Shore marathon. It was 2pm in the afternoon, and I was still in my pajamas, eating a chocolate pudding cup and watching the cast of JS make out in a hot tub. I thought, 250 million people and I was chosen? Me, who considers Boone Farm's Strawberry Hill a fine wine? Me, who believes that Heidi Montag is 'misunderstood'? Me, who spent last Saturday night rolling towels and stacking them in a pyramid in my bathroom to create a 'spa-like' experience?

Had my parents decided to make sweet love a minute earlier or a minute later, who else would have been born? Maybe an inspirational teacher, or a super-smart accountant, or like some type of adventurer, like an Indiana Jones? I mean really, I beat them all out. My smart, outgoing, giving, wonderful siblings. I feel bad all 249,999 of them are not here right now.

They are missing a really good episode of Jersey Shore.

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  1. Is that true, wow. I now feel really lucky to be alive.