Monday, February 22, 2010

Step Up: The Calvin Coolidge Story

Step Up, is like, 100% better than Step Up Two: The Streets.

So my husband, Matthew, was trying to watch some random documentary on Calvin Coolidge (30th President of the United States, I know, yawn, right?) and during the commercials he let me switch over to TBS, which was playing Step Up, starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. YES…..Step Up is my favorite movie.

The premise of this movie is so simple and yet so complicated. In Baltimore, Nora Clark (played by the gorgeous Jenna Dewan) is a naturally gifted dancer who wants nothing more than to make it to the big stage. When her partner Andrew can’t compete in the ballet school’s upcoming Senior Showcase (oh, NO), Nora happens to catch super-hot janitor Tyler Gage (played by every women’s wet dream Channing Tatum) dancing by himself in the parking lot. He’s there because, yes, he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and yes, he is performing community service for being a thug. Naturally, Tyler the Thug just happens to be a really, really, amazing dancer. That, and he’s misunderstood- as most gorgeous thugs are.

(In a real twist of irony, while my husband and I were simultaneously watching Step Up and Calvin Coolidge: The President, I realized that Channing Tatum shared a name with Calvin Coolidge’s first Lieutenant Governor, Channing Cox. At one point I mixed the two up and said, “I think there’s a dance off for advancing the progressive labor legislation and adjusting administrative law to Massachusetts' changing economy.”)

Anyway- in an amazingly sexy opposite-attract situation, Nora and Tyler fall for each other (can an upper-crust ballet dancer and rebel loser find true love?); but there are complications. Like, Nora fights with her mom who thinks she should be going to a ‘real’ college (bitch!) and Tyler deals with the death of a good friend he lost to- you guessed it- gang violence (shit!).

Can these two young dreamers work past their hardships in time for the Senior Showcase? Will Nora live her dream as a professional dancer? Is it too late for Tyler to escape the ghetto? Sigh…..SO good.

So imagine my disappointment when Step Two: The Streets came out.

Ugh….premise of the movie? Gutter rat Andie is a part of some underground dance crew; to save her from being sent away to Texas, friend Tyler (Channing Tatum returns in 30-second cameo role) gets her into the Maryland School of Arts where she meets super-popular Chase Collins. There ends up being a throw-down between two crews while Andie and Chase burn for each other. Step Up Two is good, but it’s not as good as Step Up- but then, Calvin Coolidge wasn’t as good as our 29th president, William Harding.

I think Calvin was just misunderstood- and probably from the wrong side of the tracks.


  1. That movie sounds intense. And my fiancee's in love with Channing Tatum's abs. It hurts my feelings.

  2. A critical comparison should also be done between "The Fast and the Furious," and "The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift."

  3. Wait, this isn't 'Calvin and Hobbs' is it? Because Calvin LOST Hobbs once too......

  4. Plus Channing Tatum and Jenna Dawson fell in love during the filming of that movie and now they're in love and married and shit. It makes the movie even better, right?!

  5. I never knew that Channing and Jenna got together in real life. Wow. He has amazing arms.


    Kate x

  6. Hi LSLW,
    I just gave you one of my weekly awards ~ stop by to collect anytime!

    Keep on blogging!

  7. Sounds pretty close to Dirty Dancing which just happens to be my favorite movie. And also, the sequel to Dirty Dancing that shouldn't even be called Dirty Dancing because it was released like a hundred years after the real movie, sucked, and that bothers me. Don't taint those good movies with bad sequels, Hollywood!