Sunday, May 2, 2010

RIP Irish/Cop Jokes

I just love beating a joke to death.

I am the Grim Reaper of jokes, puns, sarcasm, and wit. An idea, a situation arises and my mind just goes and goes and goes and I can't stop. It's totally OCD- I should get some medication for that.

My friend, I'll call her Angus, (because really, Angus is the Jennifer of 1923) told us that her new boyfriend is a police officer...and, he's from Ireland. It was like being handed a Christmas gift.

Let the rain begin!

Me: "I guess if you're being arrested by an Irish're not so lucky after all!"

Angus: "HA HA HA!!"

Me: "Is that a gun in your pocket-literally-....or are you just happy as a leprechaun to see me?"

Angus: "HA HA HA!!"

Me: "Be careful where you're shooting that thing (comparing his gun to his cock)- unless it's at me!"

Angus: "HA HA HA!!"

Me: "Four leaf clover? More like four leaf HOLSTER!"

Angus: "HA...?....does that rhyme?"

Me: "What does an Irish Cop find at the end of a rainbow? A pot full of donuts?"

Angus: "Um, that's not really funny."

Me: "So you're saying no to gun control, but yes to PUN control?"

Angus: "Okay, please stop."

I could fill an entire page full of Irish/Cop jokes, but really, I want you all to keep reading my blog, so I'll end the torture.


Okay one more- How do you get out of a speeding ticket with an Irish Cop? By using your lucky charms, of course!

HA HA HA!!!!


  1. I think the lucky charms one is my favorite... did you at least get to practice your Irish accent before Angus put the kibosh on the jokes?

  2. It's great to discover someone for whom there is no cure. LOL.

  3. LOLOMZGROFLSFHALDKF ... Okay, now I'm just making letters up. I'm sorry. That went a little too far.

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  5. I read the comment above me and thought it was a solidarity thing.

    My blog sista! Word. Big ups to your cop jokes. Don't let the haters bring you down.

    Okay. Done now.


  6. What did the Irish Cop say to the priest?
    Well, really that depends...was he Northern or Southern Irish...?
    How many Irish Cops does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    Five to take up a collection to pay the Italian cop to do it while they drink beer and make fun of him.
    yeah, same affliction...only I start to get offensive...But I don't mean it. It is all for the sake of our art. Ya know?

  7. LOL! I always take things too far too...and the result is cheese to the nth degree. Personally, the cheesier it gets, the funnier it i hereby award you with the fromage award for best likey!

  8. oh, and your blog picture is the funniest shit i have ever seen! every time i see it, it makes me laugh like a donkey...and i have never done that before so yay you!

  9. I'm sorry. You said Irish cop and I got a little distracted....

    The lucky charms one is definitely the winner.

  10. Those Irish sure do have a corner on the cop this!